Hair Loss Laser Comb – Product Review

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Hair Restoration Laboratories has recently introduced its brand new 16 Diode Hair Loss Laser Comb. The Hair Restoration Laboratories Laser Comb uses low level laser therapy (LLLT) technology equal to, if not superior to, laser combs selling for over $500.

It utilizes however, the Hair Restoration Laboratories laser hair loss comb model has 16 laser diodes, thus containing the most amount of laser diodes of any laser comb. Due to the amount of laser diodes in this hair loss laser comb, it provides greater scalp coverage, which means even better results!

Hair loss laser comb review.
The Hair Loss Laser Comb by Hair Restoration Laboratories

Despite its superior technology, it costs about 1/4 of the price of competing (and inferior) laser combs.

LLLT is also referred to as red light therapy, soft laser, laser stimulation, photo laser modulation and cold laser. Many studies establish that LLLT is an effective way for men and women to treat and reverse hair loss and hair thinning caused by multiple factors, such as genetics, stress, medication, overuse of styling products and environmental factors.

LLLT helps to boost the flow of blood in your scalp as well as stimulate cellular metabolism in the telogen or the catagen phases which leads to the growth of a healthier, stronger and new (anagen) hair. LLLT is also an exceptional option to treat hair loss because it has no known side-effects.

The Hair Restoration Laboratories Laser Comb is easy to use.

It simply plugs into an ac outlet and works by pressing the green start button. It should be used 2-3 times per week, for 30 minutes per session.

Approximately every 4 seconds, you simply move the comb to another location on your scalp requiring treatment. At the conclusion of the session, simply press the red button to stop the treatment.

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The Hair Restoration Laboratories Laser Comb also comes with a one (1) year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase against defects in the unit. For those who are looking to try LLLT to treat hair loss, the Hair Restoration Laboratories is a tremendous value for what appears to be a superior product.

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