Aluminum Free Deodorant – 10 Best Options For Men And Women

Aluminum Free Deodorant

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Aluminum free deodorant is a great option for both men and women. Many people are switching to a more natural lifestyle and choosing natural products is an obvious choice for many.

All About Aluminum Free Deodorant

There are many great products on the market and in this article we will discuss 10 aluminum free deodorants which have a lot of positive benefits. There is a difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. Many tend to think that they are one in the same.

An antiperspirant prevents perspiration in general. Deodorant on the other hand, allows the perspiration and blocks the odor that is a result of it.

Most deodorant contains not only aluminum, but fragrances as well which are very likely to cause additional allergies. Aluminum is known to be a neurotoxin and applying a product that contains it, directly to your skin, allows it to be absorbed into your body.

Diseases such as bone disorders, kidney issues, Alzheimer’s, and breast cancer have been linked to aluminum. There are many natural, aluminum free deodorants available now on the market.

When looking for one, you want to make sure that it includes all natural soda, essential oils, non GMO cornstarch, and vegetable glycerin.

A natural deodorant will also prevent odor due to containing baking soda. One of the best benefits? No stains on your clothes!

More Information About Aluminum Free Deodorant

One reason that many companies feel the need to add aluminum into their list of ingredients is because aluminium will actually block the sweat ducts and therefore, cut down on odor. Over time this can lead to issues with clogged pores.

With all of the risk factors that are associated with aluminium, it poses a big question. Why is aluminum containing deodorant still sold in stores? The pure fact of the matter is that the huge companies that make these products, have millions of dollars and any study that is done on the dangers of aluminum is quickly shot down by them.

They stand by the logic that any healthy body should be able to purge out the amount of aluminum absorbed from simple deodorant use. But, how to we factor in exactly how healthy one would need to be in order for their body to do this?

By this point, I am sure you are asking yourself if aluminium is so hazardous, what about the exposure that a person can get from simple everyday things such as pots and pans, other beauty products and even soda cans.

These items do in fact contain levels of aluminum but, they are not absorbed into the body to the same extent as that from deodorant does. With the deodorant being applied directly to our skin, a higher concentration is absorbed.

10 Best Aluminum Free Deodorant Options For Men And Women

#1. Freedom Stick Deodorant
Not only offers you all day protection but, is chemical free and completely natural. This product has been tested by normal, everyday people just like you and I. We found the reviews posted to be helpful in offering a variety of opinions about actual use of the product. They also offer 3 different choices in scent. While it can be a bit pricey by terms of some, we find that the benefits outweigh the cost factor if you are looking for a truly natural product.

#2. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant
Another true gem in the natural sense. This particular brand is a nice mix of lavender and sage. The combination offers a quite calming result. Many have given the opinion that it provides dryness throughout the day and great protection against odors.

#3. Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant
During our research, we came across Green Tidings Deodorant. It too, is all natural. We also discovered that it is Amazon’s recommended pick! Not only is it free of aluminum but, free of many other harmful chemicals such as: gluten, soy, paraffin, artificial colors, and silicone oil. These are only a few of the harmful chemicals that are left out, you will find many more listed in their description. They take their natural products so serious that they are even made in a solar powered factory! That to us, is worth checking out!

#4. ORGANIC 101 Cedarwood Spice Deodorant
This high quality aluminum free deodorant is all natural and extra-strenght. This deodorant contains essential oils and other active ingredients that helps you stay clean and smell fresh. The product is USDA certified and does not contain parabens or toxic chemicals. Made in the USA.

#5. Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant
This is a all natural deodorant that works all day. It is free from aluminum, parabens and toxic chemicals. The product is naturally scented, it smells like a fresh and soft flower bouquet in the springtime. This product is made in the USA.

#6. Nature De France Le Stick Natural
This hypo-allergenic natural deodorant is perfect for all day and “all the time” protection. This product is uniquely formulated, it contains baking soda and mineral rich white clay. It is an effective aluminum free deodorant that absorbs perspiration effectively for a long time.

#7. Adidas Cotton Tech Fitness Fresh Deodorant
This aluminum free deodorant from Adidas is made with a non staining formula. It has a fresh floral spice scent. This product is perfect for fitness people.

#8. Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant
This high quality deodorant is both organic, vegan and gluten free. The product contains only wholesome ingredients like pure plant essences, seaweed extract and mineral salt. Perfect for both men and women. This product does not contain aluminum, parabens or baking soda.

#9. Tom’s of Maine 24 Hour Mens Long Lasting Deodorant
This high quality long lasting deodorant has a 100% natural scent and contains no artificial preservatives. This deodorant has a fresh masculine scent of mint, citrus and amber. This is an aluminum free deodorant with 24 hour odor protection that is also halal and kosher certified. It is also cruelty free and gluten free.

#10. AC Nature All Natural Deodorant Stick
This product is made in Southern California from premium and natural organic ingredients.This deodorant contains no toxic chemicals, aluminum or parabens. This deodorant is perfected for 24 hours of protection. It contains coconut oil, baking soda and other natural ingredients that helps balance your skins pH level and keeps your armpits dry.

As you can see, each product offers benefits all of their own. Whether it be their price, size or ingredients alone, there is something for everyone and what they are specifically looking for.

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