Sulfate Free Shampoo List UK – Top 16 Products Available

Sulfate Free Shampoo List

Here below is a list of the best sulfate free shampoos and conditioners currently available in the United Kingdom. This list will be updated regularly with new products.

#1. Watermans – Hair Growth Shampoo And Conditioner
Watermans hair growth shampoo and conditioner is made in the United Kingdom, it is a #1 Amazon Best Seller. This high quality product stimulates hair growth, strengthens the hair follicles and revitalizes hair growth. This shampoo and conditioner also helps fight dandruff, flaking and itching scalp. Free from sulfates, parabens and other chemicals. Salon tested formula.

#2. Boudica Shine – Sulphate Free, Keratin Friendly Shampoo And Conditioner
Boudica Shine shampoo and conditioner is handcrafted with classic British quality, made in the County of Hertfordshire. This product is gentle on all hair types, including Keratin straigthened and color treated hair. The shampoo contains organic avocado and grapeseed oils and extracts from Rosemary leaf and red raspberry. The nourising hair conditioner contains organic grapeseed oil and provitamin B5. This product is certified vegan, free from sulphates, parabens and other harmful chemicals.

#3. Gavin Taylor Hair – The Best Organic Shampoo
The organic shampoo by Gavin Taylor is handmade in the UK. It is free from harmful chemicals, perfect for people with sensitive scalp. This shampoo will enhance the hair´s shine and conditions gently without any build-up. This is a aromatherapy based shampoo that gently cleanses and balances your hair. SLS and paraben free.

#4. ArtNaturals – Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo And Conditioner
ArtNaturals Moroccan Argan oil shampoo and conditioner is made with a restorative formula perfect for all hair types. It contains organic restorative Argan oil, essential oils, natural herbal extracts from thyme, rosemary, burdock root, aloe vera and white willow bark to name a few. This shampoo gently and effectively cleans your hair, without stripping hair color. The hair conditioner protects and hydrates your hair and leaves it thicker and shiny. Free from sulfates and parabens. Cruelty free.

#5. Palmer’s – Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo
Palmer´s coconut oil formula shampoo is perfect for damaged, dry or color treated hair. This shampoo contains natural coconut oil and Monoi. It is formulated with sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients. This shampoo is enriched with Vitamin E. Free from all harmful chemicals including sulfates and parabens.

#6. Kerastase – Bain Fluidealiste No Sulfates Shampoo
This shampoo from Kerastase is perfect for chemically treated, unruly and over-processed hair. It is made with a gentle cleansing formula that adds shine and smoothness to your hair.

#7. Luseta – Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner
The Luseta shampoo and hair conditioner is made with a nourishing and moisturizing formula, perfect for dry and normal hair. It contains organic coconut oil and milk. Coconut is a ingredient that naturally makes your hair healthy looking, soft and radiant. The use of coconut can also help reduce protein loss in damaged hair. Using this shampoo and conditioner will make your hair easy to manage, silky and smooth. This product is cruelty free.

#8. L’Oreal – Evercreme Sulfate-Free Nourish Shampoo
The Evercreme shampoo by Lóreal is perfect for dry to very dry hair. It is made with a formula that contains natural botanicals and triple action hydration. Free of harsh salts and chemicals.

#9. OSMO – Silverising Shampoo
The Silverising shampoo by OSMO adds shine to grey or white hair. This sulphate free shampoo is perfect for colour treated hair. It is made with a special formula that gently cleanses your hair without stripping the colour. If you have blond hair, you can effectively neutralize yellow tones using this shampoo.

#10. PHILIP B – Peppermint And Avocado Volumising & Clarifying Shampoo
PHILIP B peppermint and avocado volumizing shampoo is perfect for all hair types. It is made with the finest ingredients and contains 2.3% peppermint plus 16 different plant extracts and essential oils that gently cleanses and volumizes your hair. Free from sulfates and other chemicals.

#11. Macadamia – Professional Ultra Rich Moisture Shampoo
This ultra rich moisture shampoo by Macadamia is made with a special pro-oil complex of organic Argan oil and Macadamia oil that helps repair and strengthen your hair. This shampoo also contains Mongongo oil which helps control frizz and effectively hydrates your hair. Perfect for very coarse and curly hair. No sulfates, parabens or gluten. Color safe.

#12. Giovanni 50:50 – Balanced Hydrating-Clarifying Shampoo
This is a high quality hydrating and clarifying shampoo by Giovanni, perfect for dry to normal hair. This shampoo adds a lot of manageability and moisture to your hair and leaves it prefectly pH balanced and clean. Giovanni balanced shampoo has received many positive reviews on web forums and discussion boards. This is a USDA certified organic shampoo that contains Aloe Vera, Coltsfoot flower extract, lavender and Thyme extract. Free of sulfates, parabens and other harmful chemicals.

#13. Nexxus – Color Assure Shampoo
Nexxus is a color assure, vibrancy retention shampoo. It is made with an exotic formula that contains white orchid extract. This shampoo gently cleanses your hair, removes build-up and leaves your hair shiny and fresh. This shampoo is perfect for all hair types. Free from sulfates and chemicals.

#14. Pura D’or – Premium Organic Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo (Gold Label)
This premium organic anti-hair loss shampoo from Pura D’or has been on the Amazon best seller list since 2012. It is made with a gentle formula that nourishes the hair follicles, reverses the damage and starts the healing process. This shampoo contains clinically proven, natural ingredients such as Argan oil, Biotin, nettles extract, Vitamin B and Saw Palmetto. Safe for daily use and for all hair types. Chemical free.

#15. Jack Black Double-Header Shampoo & Conditioner
The Double-Header shampoo and conditioner by Jack Black is a premium “All-in-one” product that contains coconut oil and Kelp extract, which leaves your hair soft and shiny. The shampoo gently hydrates and conditions your hair, and improves the overall health of your hair. This is a Dermatologist tested product that also removes excess oil and build-up from your hair. Free from sulfates, parabens and harmful ingredients.

#16. Joico – Smooth Cure Shampoo
This shampoo from Joico is perfect for curly, frizzy or coarse hair. It contains a special Kerashield Complex that gently reduces frizz up to 80%. It gives your hair a shiny, healthy look.

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The Sulfate Free Shampoo List UK will be regularly updated with new high quality products. You are welcome to suggest products to be added to this list, or contact us with questions / suggestions. You can reach use using our contact form here.

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